Tax Tips

These brief tips detail a recent U.S. Supreme Court case highlighting state taxation of trust income; explain why now may be a good time to forgive intrafamily loans; and explore the benefits of deducting employee bonuses this year and paying them next year. continue reading »

The R&D credit: Are you leaving tax dollars on the table?

This article details the R&D credit and explains which companies are eligible for it. A sidebar explores how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed research and development expensing. continue reading »

When It Comes To Taxes, Getting Married May Cost You

Using fictional examples, this article explains how getting married can affect your tax bill. A sidebar provides financial and estate planning steps to take if you’re getting remarried. continue reading »

5 Good Reasons to Turn Down an Inheritance

This article examines five reasons a person may wish to turn down an inheritance. continue reading »

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