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We have keen understanding of the multi-faceted challenges facing the manufacturing industry today.

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Christopher D. Fagan
Christopher D. FaganPartner
Jonathan Levens
Jonathan LevensPartner
Tim Ayres
Tim AyresPartner
Mike Pompilio
Mike PompilioPartner
Geoff Braun
Geoff BraunDirector
David Walker
David WalkerDirector

Moore Colson works closely with a broad range of manufacturing companies and their stakeholders by helping them achieve their financial goals. Our team of industry experts has a keen understanding of the multi-faceted challenges facing management in the manufacturing industry today. We understand the concerns and financial needs of manufacturing businesses, and can produce results to help your organization build a competitive edge. We dig deep into your financial issues to provide specific solutions for your business, which can help save money and drive profitability. Additionally, Moore Colson is a member of the PrimeGlobal Manufacturing and Distribution Industry Task Force, which allows us to leverage a wealth of manufacturing expertise across the U.S. and around the globe.


Manufacturing Services

Assurance and Risk Management Services

We help minimize your risk and provide assurance by assisting companies with:

Consulting Services

We create value by addressing complex issues and time-sensitive projects, including:

  • Manufacturing cost systems, controls and management information
  • Inventory systems, controls and management information
  • Financial projections and cash improvement plans
  • Strategic planning and profitability enhancement
  • Financing / restructuring strategies and assistance
  • Merger and acquisition / transaction services
  • Succession planning and wealth management

Tax Services

We guide our clients through the taxation issues of special importance to manufacturing companies, including:

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