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Joe ZagamiCorporate Accounting Senior Manager
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Software Selection Consulting

The right software is a key component to better financial information. Our Software Consulting Team can assist with the selection of a software solution to meet the current and anticipated needs of your organization. We believe there are three phases to successful software selection and migration, and we can assist you with any or all of the following:

Phase 1 – Requirements Analysis
Our approach begins with software selection through requirements analysis and evaluation of potential software. We know that trying to force a one-size-fits-all solution can simply exacerbate your financial reporting problems. That’s why we ask probing questions to understand your business objectives, the information you need to achieve those objectives and the reasons you are currently not getting that information. After requirements are defined, we develop a matrix to evaluate your options and narrow the search to the relevant software solutions.

Phase 2 – Vendor Evaluation
The second phase is to interview and evaluate potential software vendors with your management team. Successful software implementation requires the right software and the right team of service providers. By facilitating vendor software demonstrations and meetings, you are assured a thorough evaluation of your options.

Phase 3 – Migration Support
The final phase is assistance with implementation through project management of the software implementation. The project will require that you and your vendor complete tasks as defined in a project plan. Our project managers will help guide and coordinate efforts until project completion to ensure an on-time, on-budget migration.

Business Transformation

The right software can be transformative for your business, creating a strong foundation for future growth. The depth of our involvement and assistance will be dictated by capability and capacity of your internal resources. You may require assistance for one, two or all phases. Moore Colson will create a project scope to meet your needs and your budget.

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